Jun 28, 2021 / Plan Sumamos

Vaccination starts in Andalusian companies with the help of Alestis Aerospace and with the support of the CEOE Foundation, CEA, and the Andalusian Regional Government

The CEOE Foundation's Sumamos Plan includes a set of five initiatives through which companies can help.

The president of the CEOE Foundation, Fátima Báñez; the president of the Andalusian Confederation of Employers (CEA), Javier González de Lara, and of Seville (CES), Miguel Rus; the president of Alestis Aerospace, Sebastián Arias, and the company’s CEO, María Eugenia Clemente, and several members of the Andalusian Regional Government participated this Thursday, 10 June, in an event to launch the vaccination process in Andalusian companies, within the framework of the ‘Sumamos (in English,We Combine Health + Economy) Plan’.

The Andalusian Regional Government was represented by the Andalusian Minister of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo, the Andalusian Minister of Health and Family, Jesús Aguirre, and the Andalusian Minister of Employment, Rocío Blanco.

Thus, after conducting antigen tests on workers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed at CEA’s headquarters, the ‘Sumamos Plan’ has promoted the vaccination process in Andalusian companies, under the guidance of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) and with the participation of its professionals and the medical staff of the companies’ medical services.

Specifically, the process began this Thursday at the premises of Alestis Aerospace in La Rinconada (Seville), the first Andalusian business vaccination site in which the Administration and Andalusian companies are joining forces to tackle the pandemic. 

Today, a team made up of one SAS healthcare worker and two Alestis healthcare workers are vaccinating the company’s employees over the age of 40. With an estimated 50 patients per hour, the number of vaccinated personnel could reach 300 per day. 

Tomorrow, Alestis will provide the necessary health resources and coordinate, together with the Andalusia Aerospace cluster, the vaccination of employees from companies in Aerópolis, Andalusia’s Aerospace Technology Park. 

On this second day (from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm), there will be two health teams at work, which will enable vaccination of 600 workers in the Aerópolis Business Centre.

The president of the CEOE Foundation, Fátima Báñez, highlighted the commitment of the business community, which is working to speed up vaccination through public-private collaboration. She underlined the public-private partnership that enables «this strategic alliance for the people involved in the Sumamos Plan». » There are two wings to recovery: vaccination and the commitment of companies to their workers. And the vaccination process that is underway here, at Alestis Aerospace, represents the best Andalusia, committed to innovation and at Spain’s forefront», she added.

In turn, the president of CEA, Javier González de Lara, stressed that undertaking the task of vaccinating at work centres is «an outstanding chapter in the history of the Andalusian business community», which demonstrates its willingness to be part of the solution to the COVID-19 crisis and to join forces with the public administration to control the pandemic. 

For Javier González de Lara, this new stage of the Sumamos Plan in Andalusia in collaboration with Alestis «consolidates the winning combination of ‘private enterprise and public administration’ against the coronavirus». A combination of efforts and alliances that, in the words of the Andalusian business leader, comes «at a decisive moment: in the early stages of a summer campaign. We are, thus, reinforcing the fact that Andalusia is a safe destination for visitors”.

The CES president, Miguel Rus, also insisted on this idea. «We must speed up the immunisation of the population and, thus, put an end to the restrictions that are limiting economic activity as soon as possible, and emerge from this crisis as quickly as possible».

In his speech, the president of Alestis Aerospace, Sebastián Arias, stressed that today is an important day for Alestis, for the aeronautical sector and, in general, for the entire Andalusian industrial fabric, since, after many months of intense work, we have managed, through public-private collaboration, to launch an initiative that moves us towards group immunity, guaranteeing our team’s safety and peace of mind”. 

The Plan Sumamos. Salud + Economía’ (in English, Combine Health+Economy Plan)

The CEOE Foundation’s “Sumamos Plan” includes a set of five initiatives through which companies can help, ranging from testing (providing support for mass testing in their workplaces, donating resources, materials, and space); tracking (supporting the mass adoption of the Radar COVID application through communication campaigns to employees, suppliers or customers); communication initiatives; assistance to the most vulnerable groups; and vaccination.

By joining the Sumamos Plan, CEA wants to achieve the much-needed balance between health and the economy, a binomial for which the essential foundations of public-private collaboration between Andalusian employers and the regional Andalusian government have been laid today.

Plan Sumamos
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